Rethink your approach to remove frictions

Boost the effectiveness of your Supplier Risk and Compliance management combiningTechnology with Risk-type based approach

Comprehensive information to assess and monitor all Risk Dimensions for Suppliers:

  • Complete supplier basic information
  • Financial Risk
  • Operations Management Risk
  • Compliance Risk
  • Geopolitical Risk
  • Disasters Risk

  • Value added services, such as advanced analytics, continuous scoring improvements, suppliers surveys or complete traceability of supplier information

    Advanced reporting suite to monitor both the current situation and evolution (overall portfolio and individual supplier views) to support management risk oversight

    CRM to facilitate interactions between organizations and their suppliers, to drive transparency and accountability


    Fully aligned with Organizations needs and leveraged on advanced tools

    Include objective and advanced metrics on your daily processes

    Real-time information

    Real-time information

    Real-time information has become progressively indispensable information

    Information processing

    Advanced HardCopy information processing

    High-tech and configurable OCR (Optical Characters Recognition) tools

    Customized Risk Levels

    Customized Risk Levels and Thresholds

    Flexible Risk levels and services included in each Level to meet your requirements and be aligned with your Suppliers portfolio

    Advanced Ratings and Analist

    Advanced Ratings and Analist

    Leveraged on our Big Data know-how

    Multi-layer Dahsboards

    Multi-layer Dahsboards

    As every person has got different needs at Organizations

    Fully integrated

    Fully integrated with other SCM tools

    As we would like to avoid silos, redundancies and duplicated information

    Suppliers CRM

    Suppliers CRM

    Suppliers Risk Management requires smooth communications and additional features included in a one-single tool