Real Time News & AI

¿How is it done?

GoSupply new AI module analyses news on tenths of thousands of suppliers coming from thousands of sources related to Sustainability, Compliance, Financial, Cybersecurity, Natural Disasters and Operational risks.

The new module includes the following functionalities (among others):

  • Analyse and categorize suppliers’ news at scale and in real time
  • Tag relevant news related to sustainability, compliance, financial and other risks
  • Run “sentiment analysis” on relevant news, to identify and highlight “negative news”
  • For those negative news affecting critical areas, as per defined by each GoSupply client, generate risk alerts that will appear in the risk catalogue of GoSupply platform
  • All the above is executed in real time. Besides, the new module leaves to our clients the capability to decide what to do with those alerts: take action, discard them, or ignore them, keeping them as informative inputs.