Mitigate risks of your company

With GoSupply you can get recommendations and make improvement plans to mitigate the risks of your company or your supply chain.

What is smartdata?

A digital platform that helps you improve the Financial, Sustainability, Compliance and Cybersecurity indicators of your company or your supply chain. You can improve thanks to:

  • Recommendations to improve your company in each risk area
  • Score of your company in each risk area
  • Knowledge of how your company is compared to its competitors.
  • Generate an action plan to improve your company.

What benefits do I get as a SmartData customer?

A more resilient and sustainable supply chain

I manage to improve companies' risk scores.

I improve risk scores to stand out from the competition.

I align companies with the future European directives on sustainability (2024).

How can we help?

From GoSupply we can help you from the customer or supplier position.


We help you with your supply chain through the approval and risk management of suppliers.


We help you improve the risk scores of your main clients through recommendations for improvement in the main risk areas.

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