Build Sustainable and Resilient Supply Chains FOR EVERYONE, EVERYTHING, EVERYWHERE

Our key driver is the importance of effective Supply Chain Risk Management for organizations. GoSupply strives to monitor ALL our clients’ suppliers, giving organizations the confidence that they are not only getting real time visibility on potential risks down their supply chain, but also they are able to anticipate potential disruptions, as GoSupply platform generates over 50 types of real-time risk alerts which are parameterized for each client, to make them relevant to their own business. By getting real time visibility on lower tier risks, companies are empowered to build resilient supply chains whilst at the same time comply with regulatory requirements, internal policies and external obligations

What we do

Prequalification and advanced risk monitoring for your Suppliers and third parties


Value Proposition


Gosupply has developed a state-of-the-art platform, bringing 20+ years' experience in supply chain risk management. The guiding principles governing our technology are flexibility, user friendliness, configurability and integrability. These principles are brought to life in a fully-customizable enterprise solution that includes configurable packages and modules, risk-adjusted business intelligence, parameterized risk alerts in real time, advanced analytics, and reporting and integrability with pretty much every ERP and e-procurement tools available in the market


GoSupply operates as an extended arm of our clients, boosting the reach and the effectiveness of their Supplier Risk and Compliance strategies. We operate as a multi-channel team, contacting and engaging suppliers via your corporate website, our platform, email, phone and chat, to provide a great experience to suppliers, build long-term relationships and ensure that the information provided by suppliers is accurate, validated and up to date

Customer Needs

Flexibility is part of GoSuppy DNA. GoSupply follows a corporate business model. Our platform and our service are configured to fit clients' needs, these going from the consultancy provided to define the best risk model to support clients' needs, down to the risk scoring system, parameterized alerts and risk KPIs that will be integrated into the clients' ERP and e-procurement tools

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